Hey, I’m James and I am the Commercial Director at Westbound Logistics Services

I’ve been with Westbound just short of 10 years. It’s been a roller coaster ride for all 10 years, but in a good way. Year on year has been great fun, hard work, and success after success.

I’ve seen the company expand, from me being the 5thperson to join, to opening China offices, further UK offices opening, warehousing to now over 30 staff in the UK alone, with as many in China if not more. New HQ office in Basildon, nice place to work and relax with a great break out room. And this is just the start, so many things on the go, future is looking very good.

So the 3 peaks what can I say……other than I must be mad. Im the oldest out of the group and need to try and hold my own. Been trying to do as much training as I can, long walks, gym, running etc.  Not sure what to expect to be honest, I know people who have done it and said it’s a real challenge and others who have managed to complete it relatively easily, so will just have to see. Looking forward to the summits and the views, I can only imagine they must be spectacular. As we are completing (hopefully) the challenge during the longest days of the year (middle of June) im hoping we will some lovely clear days to see the best scenery. Also we meet at a pub at the end, so a nice drink and good food! Once in the pub, I can relax and gloat that I “was” the oldest and done it. Not sure what im least looking forward to, as I know its going to be tough irrespective of what I’ve heard from others. Toilet situation is going to be a challenge. Lack of sleep is going to be a challenge, as you only get the chance to grab some sleep whilst in the van travelling from peak to peak. I was considering taking a mascot, however I thought about travelling light, so my mascot is my age and this apt….Ill be thinking whilst climbing of the quote from The Waterboy film, where a spectator shouts out “You Can Do It”

My main reason for doing it – it’s been something I’ve wanted to do for many years, just as a tick in box, personal challenge ticked off. Recently the main reason was to try and raise some money for good causes. For me its Cancer Research, having been through it a few times, and will again shortly after completing (hopefully) this challenge. This last time, its not life threatening, just precautionary, however when you see the care and attention given by the doctors and nurses, any money I can raise to help is good for me.

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