Hi I’m Adam Ivey – Cross Trades & Air Supervisor

Adam joined Westbound Logistics in January 2021, initially to assist one of the owners with the companies cross trade business, however his role quickly expanded within the company to include Air & Sea Import/Export operations assisting the staff on these trade lanes. Adam was then promoted internally to the role of Supervisor and now looks after our mutli-modal department, handling cross trades, air (import & exports) leading a dedicated team. It’s a very busy department, which Adam hopes to see expand and develop as time goes on.

How are you preparing  

I’ve been preparing in the best way possible, long pub crawls and some leg strengthening exercise at the odd festival standing on my feet all day.

What are you most looking forward to  

Definitely the beer at the end and hopefully some amazing views

What are you least looking forward to

The lack of sleep doesn’t fill me with enthusiasm and spending a lot of time in close proximity to Lauren Ha ha

Are you taking a mascot?


Is there a reason for you doing it

For the personal achievement of completing the challenge its a great thing to tick off the list before I get too old and of course raising some money for worthy causes.

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