Hey, I’m Samantha and I’m a LCL Imports Supervisor

I have been at Westbound nearly 4 years working on the LCL imports departments. I became LCL supervisor last year and currently oversee two members of the Westbound Team.

I love a challenge and the last two years have definitely tested me and bought out the best of me and my work. Three peaks is going to be tough but I have a great team with some of my favourite people and know we can smash this!

How are you preparing?

So not as organised as I planned to be, but in prep I have been upping my game at the gym by adding the step machine into the mix and uphill walks on the treadmill. Going on weekend walks and teamed up with our Lauren for swims to build our stamina and definitely plenty of ‘we got this’ has been said!

What are you most looking forward to

The feeling of achievement when we have all reached the last summit! Then heading back down and straight off to the pub

What are you least looking forward to?

The lack of toilets on a mountain

Are you taking a mascot?

Ooooo I wasn’t but that’s a grand idea so I will find one!

Is there a reason for you doing it?

I have wanted to do the Three peaks for the last hmmmm 8 years and never actually out it into play , after chatting to James about it we decided to get it out there. I am doing it to raise money for Mind which is  a charity very close to me, peoples mental health is so important and the impact of the last two years has seen it rocket to a new level. Lets get donating people!!

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